10 simple rules for working out in the gym

How do I prepare for training?  I'm sure you've always wondered this question. Here are the basics:1) I make a list of exercises for training. 2) I ask my trainer about what exercises are useful for me and what they can be done. 3) We discuss what training he likes and whether he has any special ideas for me. 4)  5) We get to know each other better and become friends. 6)  7) ~  8) ~  9) ~   10) ~  All this is great, but how do I get started?  I'll tell you in this article. 1) Start training. When I first started training, I was interested in only the techniques of gymnastics. I was curious to know how they worked, but I didn't have any equipment. 2) After a while, I found a few bags full of gymnastics equipment and started practicing. 3) I was very impressed with the quality of gymnastics equipment and the quality of the people who came to me for help. 4) I started using gymnastics bags, belts, mats, rings, and I won't lie to you... it became a ritual. 5) I also discovered that I needed to clean my gym. I cleaned it, changed the water, and then I cleaned it more. 6) I cleaned the bathrooms, changed the water, and the showers. 7) I found that I needed a new towel. I bought it in a store, ripped it out of the box, spun it, and it became my new towel. 8) I also discovered that it's better to get a fresh towel than a dry one. 9) I also bought a wipe and a dry towel. 10) I learned to use a towel to help me catch my own weight. In gymnastics, we're all about the balance between the weight of our gymnastic partners and the weight of the entire class. Have you ever heard of this? And why do you need it? A person who performs exercises for balance, weight, and balance is more likely to fall on the wrong side of balance. And if this happens, the balance is even more likely to fall on one side. And you don't have balance on that side, then you don't have balance at all. And this is true balance. And I am very happy that I've found it.  For me, balance is not just a skill, but also a foundation for everything that follows.  And I don't just mean balance in gymnastics. I'm happy to discover new skills and skills that will help me get through the day. I'm very happy that

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